Slide them toward each other to zoom out. Accessed 05 October Apple started adding multitouch capabilities to its laptops in the early s. Please enter a valid email. Select a picture to display.

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Place your index and middle finger on the touchpad at the same time. Select a picture to display.

Multi-gesture touchpad acer Acer laptop touchpads have a multitouch gesture feature, while some Acer computers offer multitouch touchscreens. Share Share on Facebook.

Many PC manufacturers now multi-gesture touchpad acer multitouch trackpads on the Windows laptops. The gestures are toouchpad for both types, but you may need to enable your multitouch gesture touchpad if gestures aren’t working. Turn your fingers in a circle to rotate the picture.

Select the “Change Mouse Settings” option. The most basic implementation of this was sliding two fingers up and down to simulate a mouse scroll wheel.

How to Use Multi-Gesture on Acer Computers

Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Start the photo viewer included with your Acer laptop. To select an item, press the multi-gesture touchpad acer mouse button or lift your finger and tap the pad once. Place your thumb and forefinger on the touchpad. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language.


Multi-gesture touchpad acer by mu,ti-gesture two fingers on the touch surface and moving your fingers together or apart.

How to Use Multi-Gesture on Acer Computers | Synonym

For flicking through photos, place two fingers on the touch surface and flick them horizontally. Slide your fingers away from each other in a diagonal direction to zoom in multi-gesture touchpad acer the document or page. Open your computer’s Control Panel and type “Mouse” into the search box.

These laptops featured touchpads that could recognize two or more finger taps multi-gesture touchpad acer once, allowing for easier manipulation of on-screen programs. To scroll, place two fingers on the screen or pad and move them up or down.

Multitouch gestures allow for a greater variety of multi-gesture touchpad acer. Acer Touch – Touchscreen Acer: According to Acer’s website, there are only four touch gestures and all work on both multitouch touchscreens and trackpads.

Apple started adding multitouch multi-gestyre to its laptops in the multi-gesture touchpad acer s. He has been published on websites such as DoItYourself. For the rotation gesture, place two fingers on the touch surface and rotate them in a circular motion, as if you were tightening a screw. Please enter a valid email.

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How to Use an Acer Aspire Multi-Gesture Touchpad |

If you do not have an Internet connection available, open a Word or Wordpad document. Place your forefinger and middle finger on the touchpad.

Can You Lock the Notepad on an iPhone? Slide them toward each other to zoom out. Use a single finger to move the cursor around the screen. Multi-gesture touchpad acer finished, click “Apply” and “OK. About the Author Matt Mutli-gesture has been writing professionally since Keep your family productive, connected, entertained, and safe.

Acer Touch – Touchpad.